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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
when september ends.
Sunday, October 21, 2012, 10:00 PM
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We've been caught up with so many things to do the past couple of weeks, so much so that I wish for just one day when we can relax and laze in bed. Maybe it's part of the ageing process, the body and mind are at war, the mind is still as active but body is exhausted =S

Firstly, my new ride has finally arrived after almost 6 months of waiting. 

"err.. I don't remember it being so huge when I drove it in the showroom"

"did you test drive the wrong car?"

"of course not! *glares"

I'm happy but sad at the same time. You know how we grow attached to our car and the thought of leaving and adapting to something new is scary. So many what ifs and hows etc. One week after mum starts using my old car, she gets into an accident. See what I said about talking to your car and pampering it so it doesn't break down on you? I still love you, car.


Last weekend was a busy one for the nuffies because everyone helped out for one of the largest events we have ever organized- Churp Out 2012 at Publika. Turn out was great even though it rained the entire morning and afternoon, by the time it stopped raining, the skies were getting darker. But still, that didn't stop people from having fun. 

Churp Out (by ChurpChurp.com) was a fun filled carnival with tons of activities and fun fair games. There was the high striker, electric maze, rodeo bull, and for the ladies, plenty of shopping at the flea market organized by our very own fashionista bloggers. Just realized that I didn't bring my camera that day, HOW CAN YOU FORGET! probably because we got up early and my mind was focused on not being late and making sure we got there on time.

The only photo with us in it together haha

I have no idea why our hands were up in the air. Kinda looks like we're giving each other a call rofl

#Party Time with Asahi

Also been ages since we went clubbing. Well it wasn't exactly clubbing because we attended the Asahi launch at Butter Factory recently. Good excuse for the ladies to dress up and snap photos.

Thank you Joyce for the pretty photo!

Another one from Tim's blog (look at his red face! =P)

Ming was also the face for the Harajuku themed event

Making up is like a chore to me now that hosting and freelancing is rare. But when I do, it's a happy time to snap more photos heehee

Then later that week we visited Neverland to catch Danie's performance at the young lawyer's charity night.

She did awesome and we were so proud of her!


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