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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
cold and quiet
Saturday, November 10, 2012, 1:46 AM
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 "Where are you going?" is a common response from my friends when I tell them to have a good weekend. The travel bug is still active and going strong, this year alone we have been in and out of the airport and gone on road trips for countless times.

Remember an older entry on chilling and relaxing? Brian tells me to 'chill' and enjoy the rest of the weekend because I constantly have things to do, people to see, and places or events to go to so we agreed to spend one of the weekends to just 'chill'. 

Last weekend we drove up to Fraser's Hill.

check out our mansion-

Loved their English cottage atmosphere.

It was my first visit to Fraser's Hill, "what is there to do there? will we be bored to death...what if something happens and there's no one there to save us?" okay i'm just being dramatic. 

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect but one thing's for sure, Brian was super excited because it is his favourite place to visit ever since he was a kid. But after spending the weekend there, I finally understand what is it about the place that people enjoy most. Apart from the icy cold weather, it is a good hideout for people who want to get away from the bustling city, there are quite a number of activities that you can do (archery, horse riding, golfing, hiking, etc.), we went cycling too!

okay so here's our humble unit.

with a breathtaking view from the balcony- 

looks like a perfect postcard photo, doesn't it? 

Brian downloaded movies so first thing after dinner we sat on the couch and lazed the whole night away indulging in a movie marathon.

Here's the thing, I've never really been an outdoor-sy kind of girl.. but cycling has always been a favourite thing to do (back when I was sixteen that is)

We rented a bike from the hotel (RM 5/hour) and started exploring nature

It's been ages since we cycled, so naturally our butts hurt the next morning

again, he makes me feel like a little girl be it cycling, 

even when we're not cycling, 

or when we're paddling our way around the lake

look at this bubble blowing creature

he never stopped blowing bubbles everywhere we went..

and again...

and he denies..that that there's still the little kid in him..."i don't understand why people are so fascinated with blowing bubbles" ...okay i shall stop here :D

we also found a restaurant that we both love, they serve pretty awesome western cuisines -

Scott Bar & Restaurant, with a lovely interior -

While we had lamb chop and steak, their fried calamari is a must try! (super huge)

it is so good... 

that he choked on it. (In a.. it-is-so-delicious-i-have-to-swallow-it-quick way, of course)

then in the evening, he went..

"You have to check out the trails"



for a moment, the Eden Lake scene flashed back and I remember mumbling to myself "as much as I love watching thrillers.. i don't want to star in it, ever!"

but he got me to do it, anyway.. 

we went through thick and thin (literally some plants were huge and some were tiny =P)

halfway through we couldn't complete our trail because some tree fell down and blocked the passage so we ended up going on another trail (this time thank God it's wider, no more climbing rocks with hands holding onto rope -__-)

then it was time for revenge, 

heehee "nah, eat this scone made with full of loveeeeee"


that's a prime example of kindness taken for granted =P

of course our road trip didn't end right there. The next day we headed to a nearby town to explore before driving down to the city.

ask me again, I'll tell you that it was indeed a 'chill' of a weekend. Definitely come back here to snooze away from the city life, something different for a change and it is not a bad change at all :)

Have a great weekend guys!

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