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no bake cheesecake 2.0
Friday, November 2, 2012, 6:00 PM
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Hi guys! Every 1st of the month we celebrate our colleagues' birthdays (as long as it is within the month) by stuffing down all kinds of food.

I love potlucks! At every gathering, we will find pizzas, home made pastas, chicken wings and plenty of sweet desserts. Some are home made while others would just da bao.

This month, Jamie and I decided that we would prepare cheesecake for our nuffies birthday potluck.

so happen we wore almost the same outfit too!

 November is also Jamie's birthday month. 

"Are you going to bake me my birthday cake?"

"hmm yeah, let's do it together"..

look at her face -
 "i have to make my own birthday cake!"

"that's what makes it 'special' isn't it?"

So anyway, just thought I'll share the ingredients and an easy step by step guide to making a no bake cheesecake. In case you don't already know,

1) Shop at HYPERmarkets (notice I highlighted the word hyper, because apparently it's harder to buy the ingredients in supermarkets)

The ingredients -

A box of cream cheese, NESTLE all purpose cream, digestive biscuits, fine sugar, baking mold / rings, and butter.

2) Start by crushing the biscuit into smaller pieces. I opted for digestive biscuits because they are easier to crush compared to Oreos

3) Mix a few tablespoon of sugar, don't forget to taste them. Then add in butter to help create a base for your cake.

4) After we're done with this, you may also keep them in the refrigerator while you start working on the cheese.

5) Mix the cream cheese with the all purpose cream (remember to pour bit by bit because you don't want it to become too watery) then add in some sugar for taste

6) As you mix and blend, remember to keep tasting until you like what's in your mouth =D

7) And finally when you're done, pour the mixture on top of the crust that you have formed.

and tuhduh, you have your no bake cheesecake. Happy trying! :)

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