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Rachel Kristen
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green shoot.
Tuesday, January 8, 2013, 7:58 PM
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Realized just how much I have abandoned this space, there are so many things that I want to blog about but there's hardly any time =S We recently did a green screen shoot for a friend's upcoming video production. Not going to share what it is about yet but let's just say... it has something to do with the GangNam style? =O

yes it was evident that Brian was flirting -_-"

Initially they were looking for just a lead Chinese girl (you know, the whole 1Malaysia thingy) and the plan was that Brian would accompany me because he wanted to be there to watch me embarrass myself. Then last minute they needed a Chinese guy to be in the shoot... and so you can guess what happened next :D

It's a sign. He's always been a fan of Psy (*cues ringtone)...

even attempted to dance on the speedboat in Redang.

With the help of lil miss, here's their ending pose.

So anyway speaking of the shoot, we spent the whole day and night at the studio experiencing our first shoot together.

We were also told to bring clothing of different kinds (white, casual and traditional).. you don't want to see me in a CheongSam =S

Photos from the shoot:

(instagram effect =P)

and here's my chef of the day =P 


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