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Rachel Kristen
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Iron Man 3: My Way
Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 9:14 PM
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I know it has been ages since I last blogged, feeling kinda bad right now. I'm sorry dear blog, promise i'm doing my best at balancing everything that's going on right now. And that includes... making sure we get our invites to catch Iron Man 3 (heck! nothing can stand in the way!) 

Robert Downey Jr has always been delicious charming and talented (gosh, he's got such a great sense of humour) he's in my top 10 (okay irrelevant I know, moving on..) Why would we not look forward to this upcoming blockbuster? nothing could go wrong with Gwyneth Paltrow as the leading actress in this action film.

This entry my friend, is about how I would customize my Iron Man suit and what to name it in order to win my pair of invites (pretends I don't see this entry after this nyek nyek) to the premier in two days time. I know I'm a few days late, but Annie if you are reading this.. see I just gave you a shoutout heehee *puppy eyes*

Well, Brian and I were discussing and he said, "why not add in a feminine touch? you've always liked fashion so add those girly stuff".. in my head I thought "yea..and then call it one of those Powerpuff girls."

Can you imagine? "I'm saving the world kabahhbooomm"

If I could customize my Iron Man suit, these will be the main unique selling points (USPs) :

a) Anti Perspiration material

With all that flying about and crashing on hard surfaces, you think Iron Man would sweat like Ac qua Di Gio? of course not. And I'm anal about scent, a man should always smell good. Even when sweating. To aid this, perhaps my customized suit would have an in-built fan so that it is always kept at room temperature >.<

b) Quick change elements

Wouldn't it be great to fight enemies while looking good? By looking good I don't mean just the hair   or physique, but the clothing (or outerwear) that makes my suit. If only the steel could function like how the quick-change does it. 

One moment I'm black, the next I'm white. How awesome is that? One moment I'm ready for a party, next I'm at the battlefield.

My costume would also be able to camouflage to conceal myself from enemies.

What about a sensor to detect emotions and moving objects apart from having the be made out of super heavy duty material to take on huge ass monsters? Sounds like a plan. Not only would I be able to camouflage, I can turn into different sizes and shapes.

c) What do I name it? 
The coolest outfit on earth. It's called the Bloomer.
(taken from Amelia Bloomer, an activist who began to wear costume in the early 1880s, which promoted fashion in women and in dress standards for women that would be less restrictive in everyday activities. Read more here)

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