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My S4 story
Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 10:39 AM
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I've always been a conventional consumer. When it comes to mobile phones I would rather just stick with the usual. From the chunky Alcatels to good old reliable Nokia (pretty sure most of us owned one before) to the Blackberry (though short lived, I still miss the keypad much) to my current Samsung touchscreen that beams out pretty, clear images and videos - almost as good as any cameras out there.

So here's my S4 story.

I'm currently using the Samsung Galaxy S3 but Samsung was nice enough to loan a test unit of the new S4!! I've always been sceptical about touch screen phones (never owned an Apple product ever too) but after using the Galaxy range, I thought why not? Must be a good chance to try the phone out and share what I love about the S4. My review wouldn't be very much to the technical side but more from the consumer point of view - or rather a girl's point of view ;)

At first glance, there is not a huge difference between the S3 and S4.

So what's new about this phone? (wait for it...)

- It has a better camera (13MP!!) --you really don't need a camera if you're like me, love carrying your phone everywhere with you instead of a bulky camera

This is my favourite (aside from the Air Gesture/Air View function of the phone). The S4 camera comes with pretty cool features (I heard they are also exclusive to this model only)

 Sound & Shot : You can record a sound with your photo

Dual Camera Shot : Take photos with both your rear and front camera (at the same time!!) which means you can actually snap a photo of yourself #selfie and your friends at the same time.

Like what we did here :

Best face : Takes a few shots and you can select the best selfie

- The S4 also has a larger display (means good quality with higher resolution)

- Battery life is also better and last longer than the S3

- Slimmer and slightly lighter too

The accessories that come with it :

Everything looks pretty in white. The S4 also has a lot more built it features and another feature that I really love is the Air Gesture and Air View function.

With the Air Gesture tool, you can switch between pages, read emails, accept / reject calls and control your music. While the Air View allows for users to use fingers and movement to control photos you are viewing, zoom and magnify your viewing page, and many more cooler functions. Though I personally do not use this a lot, it could be useful if you are on your phone docked in a stand or using the bluetooth.

In conclusion, the S4 indeed has a lot of cooler features compared to the S3 necessary, or not. But if you are looking for a great phone with reasonable price, the S3 does not fail in comparison. However if it is within your budget, this would be a great phone to have and keep in this smart phone era. Be it the larger screen, newer features or smaller size it really varies depending on your own personal usage and users experience.

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