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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 7:41 PM
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I haven't been scribbling on this page for a while now. June is almost near! So much has happened in the last few months, to be honest I wish I had a support system and someone to share my happiness and day with.
But I also know that life goes on and our wishes aren't always granted.

I've also recently started Pinning again, started my Fairy tales do come true and Home deco board. When I look at content I was posting years ago, I am proud to say this girl has finally grown to be more matured. Not that I don't get that everyday (my clients they think I'm at least 28) well at work I guess that's a good thing. But nobody wants to look older than they actually are =S I meant in a more subconscious manner. The things I look at, the random thoughts that are on my mind, the people I enjoy talking to, conversations that we talk about, content that I surf, people I find attractive and everything else seem to have changed slightly.

Work has been hectic as usual, we have a team of 9 nomsters now and it's very challenging working with people and understanding different methods to motivate one another. We just got back from our management retreat, I must say Penang wasn't too bad at all. Through Airbnb we stayed in a condo (it was so new I think we were the only few ones living there) near a beach, it had a gorgeous sea view.

My sabbatical is also due but I haven't thought of what to use it for. Initially it was Egypt but dad (for the first time) said nope "No Egypt darling" -__- so that plan has gone down the drain.

On another note Aunty Clara has left us, we were sad but also glad that she's gone to be with God and she has been waiting to meet our cousin Kyyern who left us when he was 15. The last time we met for Bak Kut Teh in Klang and that was the last time I saw her. I've been observing a lot and speaking lesser these days, I noticed that in funerals the older generation seem to be immune to death. I look at their faces and they had a solemn and straight face. Not that I expected them to be dramatic but it was almost as though it was the same as how most of us in our 20s can relate to seeing our friends and colleagues settling down. We attend weddings at least once a month, almost to a point that watching other people being happy is enough to keep us happy. Anyway back to what I was saying, I'm happy to see all our family members gathering together and giving each other support. That goes without saying that when shit happens, you can count on nobody but yourself. And perhaps only your close family members.

That got me thinking, my updated bucket list (for now) :

- Travel alone somewhere at least once in my lifetime
- Places I want to visit : Boracay Island in Philippines, Greece, road trip around Europe (so you name it.. London, Paris, Venice, Florence, anywhere near) and of course East Malaysia!
- Get a bike license (I've been thinking, it's time to finally DO IT)
- Volunteer at a charity home
- Go skinny dipping
- Go for one of those carnivals in Rio
- Own a place of my own and decorate it however I like
- Go dancing in the rain
- Skydiving and cliff diving
- Ride a Vespa and explore Rome 
- Meet someone who understands the dustiest corners of my soul and still loves me deeply
- Touch a penguin without cages or barriers between us
- Live by the beach on an island for a month at least


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