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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Adam Lambert: Pictures not to be missed!
Wednesday, March 17, 2010, 10:40 AM
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Yes, I'm still at Adam Lambert. Have not gotten over him YET! *grins*

Finally received the pictures of Adam from the official photographer.
Credits to Sony Music.

Casual shot of Adam:

Another shot:

Showcase at Universal Studio, Singapore:

:: Crowds cheering their lungs out ::

Showcase at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre:

He's got the voice of an angel. Simply amazing. 

"Broken Open is all about intimacy and being open."

When asked if he has any advice to tell fans from Malaysia?

Adam answered, "Yes, believe in yourself and there's a fine line between dreaming and being realistic"

He added, "Make sure you're good at what you do.. first".


:: More pictures from the autograph session ::

:: Bugis Junction, Singapore ::


Alright, since I don't have the time to edit the videos, I'm going to list down what I got from the interview.
Note: Sentences have been paraphrased. 

How has Idol changed your life and helped in your success?
"When I reflect back, i always think about "finally". I think about pressure and to be my best"

Has it been hectic for you thus far?
"Oh yes, and I'm so glad I took my first vacation to Carbo after Idol".

Do you think you create controversy?
"I don't try to be controversial but the media loves twisting my words. I think i'm outspoken and really opinionated. Any publicity is good publicity and being visible is half the battle"

How do you maintain your vocals? Any special remedies or vocal exercise?
"Sometimes I do vocal exercise but mainly drink more water and have more rest"

"It's not true that fried food ruins your voice! However, spicy stuff does affect the quality of the voice"

Do you have a role model? 
"Nope, I didn't wanna worry about keeping a secret (sexuality), it's easier to be yourself."

Any plans to do a collaboration with anybody? (Points at his T-shirt with the word Queen in it)
"Haha no plans to perform with people yet."

There were news about you having a role in GLEE. Is that true?
"Nope, but if they were to cover one of songs, it would be Aftermath."

Fashion tips?
"Anything that helps to identify me."
Three words to describe your fashion sense:
"Glam" "Edgy" and "Subtle" *giggles*

Make up brands?
"M.A.C and Make up Forever"

So ladies, now you know where  to shop for good eye make up hehehe

Hope you enjoyed reading! 
Once again, thank you Hotlink for this great advernture!

Rachel :)


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