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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
alumni sounds old.
Thursday, March 11, 2010, 4:41 PM
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So convocation is over and done with, what next?

Photos la!

Here are some pictures taken from my blackberry since pictures are not uploaded on Facebook yet.

 We arrived at Lagoon 1 for registration at 3pm. Then I went on to get my robe and mortar board.

It's bloody bIG! Size 42 la!

But, anyhow, it's catered to your height and i suppose the tailor assumed that Caucasians with my height measurement had a size 42 physique.

I woke up damn early to pick my parents from the airport.
We had our usual brunch @Kwai Sun (yummy nyonya mee goreng!!)

and right after brunch I went to the doctor's! GRR!

My eyes swelled the night before but I thought it was some kind of irritation but who knew it would've gotten worse on my convo! Life is always full of surprises, eh?


oohh, you have to see the photo of dad in my mortar board, damn funny!!

Anyway, I rushed into the hall when the clock showed 5.45 pm. We still had time to grab lunch at Sushi Zanmai right before that hehee

We had a photo shoot two levels below the ball room where people were selling albums, frames and stuff.

 Thank you, Janice! xoxo

I was seated at the front row and no. 23 was my lucky number!
Of course it was nerve-wracking!!

I felt like little humpty dumpty at a graduation ceremony.

 After the ceremony ended, I thought we were gonna toss our mortar boards like those in the girly chick flicks!

But we didn't.
We ended up walking out of the hall, line by line, like what Malaysians normally do. (You know what I mean la!)

But then! We still took shots outside the ball room after the ceremony. Can't wait to see them!!

Anyway, I'll be leaving for Singapore tomorrow for Adam Lambert's concert!!

It's not the concert that I'm excited about. 
Then what else, you ask?

The interview!! I'll be interviewing him in person at the Media interview session in Ritz Carlton WOO HOO!
gosh, i hope I don't get tongue tied!!

Anyway, have a good day people!

Cheers :)


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