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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
excited about tomorrow!
Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 10:44 AM
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Hello friends! 

I'm really excited about convocation tomorrow! Finally officially graduating wearing the robe, mortar board and all!!

Woohoo! Can't wait, i'm going to trim my brows, paint my nails, and groom myself!

The weather these days has been crazily hot and rainy at the same time. So much so that my body has given way and i'm down with a bad sore throat that leads to bad migraine and stuffed nose! I hate stuffy nose coz you can't breathe!

So i bought my favourite Pei Pa Kao!!

I love Nin Jiom! :) brought it with me to office today hehe

As some of you already know, or if you don't follow me here
Finally bought my first blackberry!!

I figured it's time to change my already-dying mobile phone and get the BOLD 2!!


I'm loving it!
Digi is the best when it comes to the lowest deal!!

Anyway, since I took a while to decide on the model and whether to buy or not, I decided to call up people and ask for their opinion.

In the end, one of them came by Mid Valley and we ended up going for makeover at the M.A.C booth!

Jayne came over to accompany me. No, not shopping. I'm still exhausted from shopping in Bangkok.

We took this from the Mac photo booth!


One thing I dislike about changing phones is the hassle of transferring contacts, files etc.

I spent half a day doing so! Grr.

Anyway, I thought maybe I could share with you some older pictures from my other phone:

Love this picture of John coz he looks damn funny here
*evil grins*

That's my dad looking all cutesy with the magnifier.

This is Jeff the Teddy Bear. I call him Jeffy.
This was taken at the Monash Street carnival in 2008 i think.

Taken after my studio shoot with Kevin Han and Alan Voon.

How could I possibly miss her out? :)

With mum and dad @the curve

I'm a happy girl.



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