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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
just another random fella
Friday, March 26, 2010, 7:51 PM
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Just to share with you guys how annoying it can be sometimes when people unknown to you adds you on Facebook.

Firstly, I admit that have in my list people whom I do not know.

Why, you ask?

It depends on the mutual friends. I would most likely approve requests from people whom I'm familiar with, or at least whose mutual friends I know.

You'd be surprised. Because I have met great people (in reality) even though i first got to know them from their Facebook. Makes any sense?

Anyway, let me tell you this story between Triple A and I.One thing's for sure, we share ONE mutual friend who so happens to be my colleague.

This was our exact conversation.
Let's call him Triple A.

Subject: ive got stgh fr u 
(are you retarded? can't spell properly is it!)

Triple A: oh hey, ive been wondering if ppl been asking u "are u a model?"
are u? 

Me: hi alif,

i do at times do part time modeling only when there are campaigns, why, anything you got there for me?

Triple A: oh rili,like wat model?hand model?(Again, can't spell properly, and full of sarcasm!)

Me: is that a sarcasm from you or a genuine question. mostly freelance photography and commercial. why?

Triple A: wel dont have the time to look at all of ur photos.
so i'll ask u dat one right away haha

wat else are u good at? 

(like what else am I good at? i'm good at crushing people's brains, you retard!)
Me: i see, what do you do? 

Triple A: hey..i asked u first,rachel.. 

(F*** you!)
Me: sorry, i don't feel obliged to answer you. have a nice day! 
 (see, still can say have a nice day, wth!)

Triple A: hmm..you don't get out much, do you? 

(now, he really is getting on my nerves)

Me: well of course i do, i get out every single day. it's just sometimes people don't realize how rude they can be that makes asking a polite question into some kind of interrogation, u see.

so what do you do, alif

Triple A: okay, im monumentally sorry. I didnt mean to step over your boundaries. I merely intended to find them. Now that i know where they are, i promise...I will not cross them again.Im sorry.

Engineering, well for Petronas.

(Do I look or sound like I care?)


how old are u?
are u married and have 10 kids?


"hmm somehow i think we shudnt know each other"

I ain't sorry mate, but you were asking for it. 
Note to self: Now, that's one reason why you shouldn't approve anymore people you have not met.


 Sorry for the profanity. 

Here's something happy, additional two photos from my previous shoot with Kevin Han.

Have a great weekend peeps! 

Should I go to Zouk tonight? hmmm it's their 6th Anniversary!
Fickle-mindedness has got the best of me.



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