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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
our journey to adventureland!
Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 12:16 PM
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Anticipation and excitement filled our hearts as we travel down to sunny island to see Adam Lambert LIVE in the Universal Studio!!

I'd like to give a special shout out to Maxis and Hotlink for this great opportunity! :) 
Day one: Traveling with the group/ Day of the concert

My partner in crime, Jacqkie

My ticket (check out my seat number!! 6th row from the stage weeee~! )
Also, given a free CD (thanks to Sony Music) as well as our itinerary for the entire trip.

Oh, and a hotlink cap!

What else to do in the bus besides listening to  the music and..

 Paint nails! haha

Just when I thought it was the longest bus ride ever, coming back proved otherwise! you know what i mean.

We arrived at the Royal Queens Hotel in Bugis around 5pm and quickly rushed to change (you know how girls are: make up, change outfits though we did not sweat or do any gym related activities in the bus). But still!


Just to show you our complimentary room:


"Jacqkie, do you think i should wear a long maxi dress or dressed like a rock chic?"

"Maxi dress would be nice"

You know all those times when people have the tendency to do the exact opposite.

"I think imma go with just leggings and a top. With extra thick eyeliner to suit the occasion. Muahahaha"

To think we still had time to discuss it through, coz door opens at 7pm! and we were still in Bugis plus our bus driver was counting on the GPS! hehehe FUN nonetheless.

Just when we thought we were the latest to get back on the bus, we were stunned by the effort of Adam's DIE HARD fans! (Hotlink winners!)

To understand what I meant? Check out their outfits.

You should've seen them when they first hopped on the bus.
With their wigs and heavy make up. Kudos!!


So off we went to Resorts world and UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE!!
The best thing is, it is not yet open to the public!

And it was a great GRRREAT experience. Awesome settings and atmosphere! 

Of course we had to cam whore!

Look at how excited Jacqkie looks here!

The first thing you'd notice when you enter.

And as we go on, this place continues to WOW!

Our dinner before the show case:

Happy :)

Oh, look at the crowd outside the Pantages Hollywood theatre!!


Each time there was a false alarm, people started screaming thinking it was Adam at the entrace haha!

And guess who we spotted standing near the back entrance?

Adam's band mates!! That's Marty (guitarist) waving hello my way.

of course, being the "Jakun" that we are, we went up to them and snap snap away!!

Just before we went in, there was a fireworks display. I love fireworks!!

Lovely! me likey this shot the most, for some reason. Proud of my bold2 :)

And finally, off we went into the Hollywood Pantages theatre:

Emcee for the night: Glenn Ong from Class 95

Pictures are a bit blurry but still die die wanna put!

We weren't allowed to snap pictures or take videos. But many still did anyway!

This is how the auditorium looks like, could fit up to 5,000 people (at least that's what I know from the show case)

Jacqkie, Kevin, Yus and Gordon!

The crowd went crazy when Adam came on the stage:

Though they performed only 6 songs, it was a fantastic show case! 
My favourite song: Down the Rabbit Hole!

More pictures before and after the show can be found on my Facebook.

Ohh surprise surprise, here's a funny video of the fans in the bus on the way back to the hotel!! Watch it, damn funny!! :)

Fast forward 12 hours later:
Day Two: A little walking around and THE INTERVIEW!!

We went to Bugis Junction for lunch and a quick shopping spree (more like just brunch :P)

Check out the queue to meet Adam! All the way til..
here!! o_O

We were the lucky bunch, getting an up close and personal interview with Adam.

So we took our time, had lunch and more lunch hahaha
I had to try the local delight, and i definitely enjoyed my "kuey tiao chap" :)

while..the other two had MOS burger!

The best part of the trip wasn't just having to be the first bunch entering Universal Studio, or having seated on the 6th row for the show case, it was the INTERVIEW!!

Finally, all settled and prepared at Ritz Carlton.

Kevin, Gordon (Galaxie), Ann Marie (theStar) and Jacqkie!

While waiting, we chilled by the sofa.. and had some tea :)

Super loveee the Camille and Peppermint tea. plus the people were really friendly and courteous :)

We were just sitting by the couch when suddenly Adam walked out of no where to the gents.
And so happen Kevin was in the toilet too!! The funny thing was, he didn't know how to react, all he did was, "I saw Adam, he was standing next to me and I was peeing" 


This video that I shared in my pre-entry explains it how excited we were!

There are a lot more parts to the video (up to 25mins!!) during the interview. Will upload them when I'm done editing :)

When Adam came in, we were just plain shocked by how DOWN TO EARTH he is in person!!

Absolutely adore him!

It was more like chatting instead of a formal interview. We talked about make up tips, fashion as well as the controversies!! SO LOOK FORWARD!!

He's outgoing and really opinionated! (just like he claims to be)
So watch the videos to see Adam answering the questions and his thoughts! Sure not to be missed!

Finally, here's a picture of Adam and i before my next update:

Once again, thank you Hotlink for this wonderful experience!

Have a great day, people! :)


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