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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Friday, May 7, 2010, 3:00 PM
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It’s been three months and so I thought I’d introduce some of the people I’ve been spending most of my time with:

We work, we play, we play dress up, we jam (band hero), we karaoke, we dim sum, we attend events, and perhaps kill zombies too.

Hmm let’s start off with this month’s featured ‘Coffie with Nuffies’:  Sara Khoo :)
She’s extremely sweet and if you read about Coffie With Nuffies HERE, you’ll see that Sara will never ever gain weight.

When asked what’s the one thing she’d change about herself? She said, ‘I want to put on weight’ wtf right. HAHAHA I keel you, Sara! *all the girls are jealous over her voluptuous figure ;)

And according to Fresh (pic below), ‘you’ll want to hear her speak in person’ hahaha that’s an inside joke but it’s true, you’d definitely want to hear sweet Sara speak. Also, Sara and I were both course mates back in Monash. Funny thing is we did not know we were gonna be working at Nuffnang until we met on our first day at the office.

Fresh, also known as Xin Xian (hence the name Fresh) is one funny girl. You’ll know if you read her blog posts on Nuffnang’s website.  She works closely with the Project Alpha casts and I think she loves photography. Oh ya, she was recently given a makeover by one of the nuffies, Yuen Yee (whom I will talk about in a bit) and trust me, Fresh can look hot when she wants to ;)

Moving on to Yuen Yee or better known as Yuen, one thing’s for sure is that she’s a food lover. Just like myself, Yuan loves food and dessert.

 From left: Yuen & Jestina

She’s also known as the big eater who finishes up our food (leftovers kekeke). Also one of the first girl I met on my first day, she’s extremely nice by lending me her mouse (to click), which I am still using up till today. Also thanks to this girl, I took beautiful pictures in some of the events I attended :)

Next up, let me introduce the other Khoo. Miss Froggybroon aka Linda Khoo is one giggly girl. She’s extremely hyper and has a contagious laughter. She’s got the ‘evil’ laughter if you ask me.

I asked her, "Gimme a flattering picture of yourself, or I'll steal it from Sara's blog"
She said, "I give I give" hahahaha Cute-nya! :)
She’s also one with a great style of fashion. She wears funky boots, cool heels, belts, and leggings to work!

On the other hand, here’s ‘Jacquelyn Rowena’ as known by most of the Churpers. We call her Jacqkie for short! She’s another sweet and funny girl sitting next to Sara. She was also my partner in crime when we attended Adam Lambert live at Universal Studios in Singapore.

 Jacqkie and I in Singapore

Here’s my ENTRY on Adam Lambert and the introduction video HERE.

Oh and how can I forget our ‘men killer –in mandarin’ Miss Mama Goon aka Jestina! Hahaha She’s really really really nice. From where I’m sitting, I can barely see Jestina because there’s a pillar at my 2 o’clock. She’s like my mentor, who teaches me about dos and don’ts and the nuffies love her!

Oh ohh, Jestina has a lot of suitors too hehehehe! :P

Next up, we have Miss Michelle Zyenn.  She’s stylish and chic with her coloured contact lenses. I guess one of her resolutions this year would be to grow her hair length hehe

 Okay, so I thought hmm, maybe Michelle doesn't like this picture so here's one hot one:

And next we have Karen Mayer the Kadazan chick hehehe

*picture stolen from Jacqkie's blog
She's one of the best players for band hero. Kicks ass in guitar, drums, and what ever you want her to. So don't mess with her :P Karen helps me with my direct campaigns and I always kacau her when I need stuff hehehe 'Karen do you have this? how much is this, and that and this and that' never ending. But she's never once complaint, that's really nice of her.

For the ladies, here’s one of the fellas in Nuffnang: Nic Gan, who’s an avid Man United fan! Soccer fever, baybeh!

  He thinks the picture we took together isn't nice so asked me to use his Facebook pic -_- nah,

Not nice meh?
He picks me up sometimes when I’m not driving. So kind hearted! Thanks, Nic! And he gives me directions too when I get lost on the road hahah!

The other fella rocking the Nuffnang office is David, and his famous pink shades- that recently broke. No idea how that comes in trendy but he loves it.

This guy is really good with the ladies, ‘aunty killer’ I don’t know how he does it, but he does it, well enough. LOL. Sorry, David but it’s true, right? hehehe Oh but, he’s a cool dude. Plays golf, kick boxing and he swims regularly. And he loves ‘thrills’, any takers? :P

And there’s Robb too! He’s the guy who gyms a lot. Another health freak, makes us all feel so unhealthy haha honestly, I think Robb’s kinda cute. He’s got nice features and everything but TOO BAD.

 Nah, this is Robb. He said to use his 'fat picture' but somehow this doesn't serve justice. So here's Robb NOW:

 Good looking,right?
He’s never ever ever going to be into ladies (a little hope,no?o_O). Sorry ladies. But Robb gives extremely good advice when it comes to boy-girl relationship and all that nonsense la. I remember the nuffies once had a conversation about CHEATS and the guys argued that ALL MEN CHEAT. WHETHER IT’S WHITE LIES OR PLAIN CHEAT, STILL CHEAT. HMPH. Is that true? I still can't get over that hmph. That aside, Robb handles the events on Nuffnang and he's bloody damn awesome with brainstorming ideas!

Here's Yu Han, the Joker (according to his Twitter and blog). Funny meh? hehehe
Can't find a proper picture of him except for this one:

HAHAHAHAH ROFL. In case you're wondering, this was his picture in his entry 'If I am IP MAN master,I would...'

Moving on, how can I forget gorgeous Rina, who just recently started a blog hehe For privacy’s sake, I shall not reveal it here. But there’s google! Hehe Rina is the assistant to boss Tim, so she’s probably won the best secretary award before this :P

 See, so pretty! :)

Last but not least, here’s our intern VeenDee. Not Wendy but Veen Dee. She’s one little cute girl who’s gifted in designing.

Blur at times though. Why blur? That’s cause she’s gone out for lunch with us in two different shoes hehehe

So there, these are some of the nuffies I sometimes spend more than half of my 24/7 with. I’ve covered my front, back (not really, my back is a glass door), left and right.
You can find their blog links on the left hand side of the blog too! Also, you can actually join Coffee With Nuffies once every month if you are the lucky few to sign up early! You’ll get a chance to see how our office looks like and hang out with ‘ze cool’ nuffies haha! I kid.

Anyway, it’s Friday today! WoohooO! 
What’s the BIG PLAN PEOPLE? ;) 

If you guys have been following GLEE, you’ll know that the GLEE FLASHMOB is tomorrow! You can check it out HERE. I hope it’s not too late to learn the dance moves. That reminds me, off glee-ing soon!

Happy Friday! :)


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