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live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Behind the scene: Rosevelt's MV
Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 1:40 PM
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Here's an entry on behind the scene for Rosevelt's MV.
The last time I got involved in a music video was 2 years ago for a local Hindi band. This time around, I had a lot of fun painting faces and getting into the shooting mode again. It’s been awhile since my last shoot and I’m already missing it. Maybe I should start going for castings again (inserts question mark).
Did my own hair and make up. 
Note: This was before the ugly painted face I had during the shoot :P

As I'm typing this, Nic Gan tells me, 'you look plain here' -____- 'but like this better' wtf.
Eyeliner and blusher with DIY curled hair do (not forgetting my 2nd attempt at coloured contacts)
Arrived at the shooting location at 3pm before we headed up to the unit with a Green Room.
Okay la, green colored cloths on each side of the walls. That makes a green room :P
Met a lot of new faces and I struggled remembering all their names simply because I’m bad..with names. Or rather, I’ve got a gold fish memory, as most of you know by now. I'm glad I met them.
I was the first all of 5 girls to shoot. MAN, was I nervous. David from Disagree is the director for this music video by the way.
I’m not sure if I can reveal it, but the entire setting was slow, artistic and..more slow movements. In contrast to the song.
Meet Sheila, the accountant.

And Vera, the errr..make up artist?!
And  AMANDA THE CELEBRITY WANNABE! (her character in the video)

I did her make up *proud* and the rest as well (no,not Vera's post-shoot make up :P) while the ladies were busy dolling up, looking pretty, Nick (vocalist) was slacking..on..the…bed.

Ohh before I forget, meet Nick's twin:


Nicole Davis binti (please insert family name here) wtf.
Hehehehehehe nice not? I painted his face (wanted to give him the Adam Lambert “What do ya want from me” look but failed miserably) so I cropped only his eyes and holga-ed it:

Also, because he sampled on my face -_______-
See, I came like this but ended up like this:
HOW NOW! I look like a bat-girl wanna be, or Kick Ass' helper or something. HELP?!
But, still can’t wait to see the end product, can’t wait!! *shy*
(to divert your attention)
Here’s a picture of me in love with Brazil *zoooommms*

 Okay, Happy Tuesday, ya'll! Oh before that, you can read more about Rosevelt or have a listen here.



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