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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Cookout at Vince's Part Two
Wednesday, July 21, 2010, 5:37 PM
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I think this is slowly becoming a trend. The soft and ‘feminine’ side of us wants to cook. How time flies, it's been more than a year since I last cooked 'proper' meals. Proper as in chop, fry, steam, and what not. Part One was more of 50% effort minus the stuff we bought that was ready made. But this I assure you, we put in 99% effort :)

So Vince and I headed to Carrefour to shop for groceries. At that time, it was pretty much spontaneous. We didn't have a 'to buy list' or anything. It was more like.."ehh, cook this la..or that"..then we bought the necessary items.

Let's take a look at what took place:

#1 Raw ingredients

Menu of the day:
Beef roll for Appetizer, Sambal Belacan Sotong, Steamed beancurd with minced chicken, "DOG FOOD" (you'll find out), and stir fry beansprout with egg.

We marinated the chicken and beef slices the first thing we got home.

#2 Chop, slice, mince, shred, and wash

I taught Vince how to wash, peel, and cut the squids the-Rachel-way ;)

He did a good job. The squids were all nicely washed and sliced.

While the sous chef...

helped with slicing and peeling. I'm glad my boys had fun ;)

#3 Then comes cooking

First on the list was the steamed tofu (bean curd). We prepared enough food for five people including Ming and Wayne who joined us for dinner.

Sorry a little blurry. We steamed two tofus alongside grilled minced chicken that has been marinated with sauces and stocks. 

Here's how it looks like:

Simple to cook and healthy! I can live on only bean curds :)

While waiting for the bean curd, I started rolling my favourite dish: The Beef Roll

Ingredients: Straw mushrooms, beef slices (marinated), carrots, cucumbers, and toothpicks.

Roll the ingredients with the beef before setting it in place with a toothpick :) It should look like this:

The end product? 

It's juicy and good for starters ;)

Then we continued with our third dish, sambal belacan sotong *deeps face in spice*

We didn't expect it to be spicy, but it was so spicy that your faces would turn red eating it. Though not as bad as Frontera's chicken wings (you have to try, your lips will swell for at least 30minutes! i'm not kidding!), squid completes my meal :)

Any vegetable dish would always be the last dish on the list to prepare because it takes minimal time to cook. Also, it shouldn't be grilled or stir fried for too long or it will lose its nutrients.

I love eating cabbages and this dish is basically the "DOG FOOD" as Vincent calls it -____-
but after he tasted it, everybody liked this "DOG FOOD" heh heh.

There are carrots, mushrooms, onions, and cabbage in it.

and eggs.

Finally, Vince cooked this last dish, Beansprouts with eggs.
Eggs are his best friend.

It may look disgusting here, but give him some credit la, effort and sweat kekekeke

We took about 2 hours or more preparing dinner before our guests came by with 5 boxes of rice alongside these dishes:

Though tiring and troublesome, the satisfaction was great eating your own home made dishes. We ate like hungry little kids before indulging in a tub of ice-cream :)


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