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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Cookout at Vince's
Monday, July 12, 2010, 6:01 PM
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One thing I really miss is having home cooked meals. I'm living on my own so there's hardly a chance that I spend all the effort cutting vegetables and onions for a one person's meal. Well there was a time when me and my housemates would prepare our favourite dishes but that was back then when they were still around.
One day last weekend, we decided that we should crash Vince's and make full use of his beautiful kitchen :)

Because it was already dinner time, we bought roasted chicken from the mart and ingredients for two side dishes.
#1 Mash Potatoes
One of my all time favourite dishes. You can eat the mash potatoes and be addicted. No sauces needed!

Would love to explain how I do it step by step like my no-bake cheesecake adventure :)
But unfortunately, too engrossed so didn't take much picture. But nonetheless, these are the recipes that I use:
- Few hundred grams of potatoes (normally use Holland potatoes)
- Margerin, pinch of pepper, and salt
- Whipped cream to smoothen the texture, it does wonders i tell u!

#2 Corned beef
Another delicious and easy to prepare dish that goes well with rice, chachos, and bread.

If you like it spicy, can add more chillies and onions *yummilicious*
#3 Roasted chicken, salad, and our home made dishes
We bought roasted chicken and salad for starters and as our main meal. No time to cook real chinese cuisines because we were starving!!
All in all,
Absolutely fun time with Chef Vincent ;)

Because he felt like he wanted to chip in the cooking, take a look at Chef Vincent's attempt at frying an egg, trust me it's funny to watch :)
 Cute or not?


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