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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Doink II's birthday + blessed number twenty three
Thursday, September 9, 2010, 9:54 AM
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The big doink turned twenty-four last week. So I cracked my head to think of ways to surprise him. Something he likes, I thought. But he likes a lot of things, mainly food.

So don't read this if you're hungry, or fasting. I kid =P

Doink II shares the same birthday as Ray so on their birthday eve, we celebrated at Laila's Cafe in Kelana Jaya.

After performing a cover of Push by Matchbox Twenty, we surprised them with a cake =)

Gay caught in action, hand in hand.

But the party ain't over yet.

Booked a table for 10 at Mark's Place in Plaza Kelana Jaya =) 
 Reviewed the restaurant/bar earlier this year and the ambiance is beautiful I couldn't think of a better place than this to celebrate his special day.

You can read about my first experience at Mark's Place here (clickity click)

We knocked off at our usual hour and surprisingly the roads were clear! *glad* 

When we got there, Doink II was impressed (I dare say so =P) that Mark (the owner) actually decorated the place:

 The VIP area with colourful balloons, comfy sofas, LCD TV, and ready set tables,etc. (sorry for the blurry pictures)

Pre ordered food for the guests:

Chicken Pizza
 I'm usually not a fan of pizza (reason being it's floury =P) but this was my favourite dish of the night!
Simple chicken pizza but leaves you wanting more. Like literally. Ordered 2 chicken pizzas.

Mutton quesadillas

Another great dish that leaves you wanting more. So good, I ordered 3 sets of quesadillas! *glutton mode*

3 portion of chicken wings

We had our personalized menu for that night:

For RM 50, each of us get any cocktail on the house, quesadillas, chicken wings, chicken pizza, and one main course from the list.

Two favourite main course:

Barbeque ribs

Chicken Katsu Cheese yaki
If you don't already know, they serve Japanese food at Mark's Place too! (great combination for Doink II and myself because we both love Western and Japanese and the drinks
Sake Magarita is still my favourite! =P

Played pool while waiting for our food and more guests to arrive (Msian timing)

Blurry picture again, over excited that night hehee
Thanks to all of you who came: Ezra, John, Dawn, Alwi, Khairie, Mark, Vincent, Adi, and Izyan (and more of you who came later on) You guys made our night =)

 Flaming Lamborghini for the birthday boy

See what a flaming does to a twenty-four year old? It makes him 'happy' =P

I think what made Doink II even happier (and the rest of us too) was the special performance session.
WHAT? kekeke
Mark being the nice man that he is, gave us the 'permission' to use his stage and equipments for our private show. WOO HOO!

Freeloaders Inc (click) in action

Some of us karaoke singers sang on stage as well. Sorry, no pictures coz we not famous =P

After their last song, it was birthday song time! Another birthday cake for Doink II:
The night ended with a smile, though not a ball room bash.

Once again, Happy Birthday, Doinky doink doink doink!

 That's him being thankful =P kekeke

We also celebrated our twenty third month together. Sorry for being Miss Forgetful (hence the gold fish nickname), Happy 23rd month, bee.

 Okay I promise no mushiness beyond this point =P

We had dinner at The Pressroom in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Superb food (though pricing a little steep).

Starters for two at RM 36/-

Doink II surprised me with a bouquet of flowers =))))
Old school but me likey!

Okay okay, down to our main course:

Beef pepperoni and salami pizza 

Farkin good Crispy Salmon Skin (must try!)

Looks like Mickey Mouse here, I wonder why.

 Gonna end my entry with this, just to piss some of you off with my mushiness hehee

*i like to smell it smell it*

Can't stand you but I can't stand not being with you more.


PS. Selamat Hari Raya in advance to all my Muslim friends!


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