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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
When busy bee takes time to be cheesy
Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 6:38 PM
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 So this blog is a bit outdated, still talking about Halloween in my last entry hah. Sorry la, I've been worn out by the gym (especially!) kidding, but by the time I get home, I lose my creative juice to blog..after a long day of work and meetings.

Oh you haven't heard? I joined Celebrity Fitness a month ago because I feel bloody UNHEALTHY! Everyday eat, sit, and sleep, how not to get fat! So anyway, will share my gym routine with you guys later on.

DG Color Modeling Search finally found their winner and ended the contest with a bang at Mid Valley two weeks ago.

I hosted all of their trainings, outdoor shooting, visits, semifinals, auditions as well as the finale.
Haven't got the time to watch all the videos and laugh at my first time hosting so I thought I'd share my favourite episode with you guys.

Pardon the hiccups okie.

No, it's not clickable =P

My favourite episode is the models visit to Yume Jewellery and Angel's Home that I previously blogged about.

 Took snippets from the videos and I must say, I really enjoyed it.

Already told you it's not clickable =P

 Yume Jewellery @ Tropicana City Mall

And here's the link to the video.
Ignore the spelling errors and if you're a banana like me hee, scroll down to watch the video.

Some pictures from the finals:

 # Took half day leave and rushed to Mid Valley for make up and hair styling:

 Miss being pampered like this XD One girl to do the make up and 3 stylists to do my hair!

My dress, sponsored by Dohoshowroom (check out Bella's designs here)

 # My co-emcee for the finale, Stella Hui:

 # Met my primary, high school--til now gorgeous friend, Michelle! =)

# Miss Popularity -- Emily Chan
 # Miss Photogenic --Careen Tan

 # DG Color Model winner --Sophie Tee

Bella (Owner of Dohoshowroom) and Sophie

# Congratulations to all winners as well as participants, the girls worked really hard the past months =)


When does a busy bee takes time to be cheesy?

When you have all 6 types of cheese put together!! The other day all of us took the time of to Pizza Hut for our lunch break.

Tried Pizza Hut's latest Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza (you'll love it if you're into cheese and only cheese, I swear, it's soooo cheesy, you'll get cheesier even without trying) =P

 For starters, a salad for five of us (decorated by Robb --quote him la) =P

 Robb proud of his creation hehe!

 Madamoiselle loves the coleslaw at Pizza Hut!

Sara and Jacqkie enjoying their soup of the day

Tasting both the starter and soup was enough to fill our stomachs! We were stuffed when the pizza came.

 Extreme Cheesy Pizza comes in combo sets. So you get more value inclusive of drinks, soup and garlic bread.

Simple yet tasty!

So if you haven't, hop on by to your nearest Pizza Hut today! What's even better is that if you're a blogger yourself, write about what you love about the Extreme Cheesy Pizza and you may be the lucky winner to walk away with RM 2,000 cash prize!!

Hurry up because contest ends in a week's time (16th November).
Read more about it here.

Good luck, fellow cheesy folks! =)

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